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D A Y T O N    V O L L E Y B A L L



If there is an issue you wish to discuss or if you have any questions please contact me via email at:

Head Coach

Assistant Coach

Mike O'Brien

Marissa Dusheck                      


Fall 2023 Season Information

2020-21 CJG1 Sectional Champions

2021-22 CJG1 Sectional Champions


For the most up-to-date practice/game schedule please refer to:

Please be advised schedule can change throughout the season.

Start Date:

Before the season begins everyone must get physically cleared to play. Please go the following link for information on how to get cleared. Do this ASAP as it takes time, do not wait until August start the process now.


The first official practice for the fall season is Monday August 22nd at 8:00 am in the main gym. We will practice Monday-Friday 8am-11:30am. Monday August 22nd and Tuesday August 23rd, Everyone will practice from 8am-11:30am. Wednesday August 24th through Friday August 26th, Varsity will practice from 8am-10am and JV will practice 9:30am - 11:30am. The 1st week is also try-outs. This practice schedule will continue until Labor Day weekend. Once school starts practice will be everyday after school Varsity from 3pm till 5pm on non-game days and JV from 4pm-6pm. 

Summer Open Gym: Monday July 25th- Friday July 29th, players will be able to come and play from 8am-10am. This is not mandatory but recommended, You do not have to be completely cleared to participate, but MUST have an up to date physical on record with the school. 


Come ready to practice and play every day
Make every practice and game throughout the season
Support your teammates
Show Sportsmanship at all times
Understand there are consequences for your actions
Communicate with coaches and teammates


Playing Time:

            We have won the Central Jersey Group 1 State Sectional Championship the previous 2 seasons. We are looking forward to another great season in the fall of 2022. We have a junior varsity and varsity level. There is no guarantee of making either squad. We can only take a certain number of players and the first few practices the coaches will evaluate the players to determine who will make the team and at what level. We are a performance-based program. We will look at skill level, ability, effort, attitude, teamwork and other factors to determine who makes the team and at what level. Through the season, based on performance, players can move up or down between JV and Varsity.

            Playing time in games is not guaranteed. JV we try to get everyone playing time, maybe not every match, game but at least some time throughout the season. Playing JV is to improve a player’s skills and knowledge of the game, so they can strive to someday make Varsity (making Varsity is never guaranteed). With Varsity games, the best players get playing time. Making Varsity does not guarantee one will play in games. Varsity is strictly based on performance and skill, seniority does not matter.

            All players are expected to attend every practice and every game. JV players will be asked to help out at Varsity games doing scorebook, libero tracker, line judge and anything else that may be needed. Varsity players in the same respect will be asked to help out at JV games with the same duties.



            As a team to have a successful season we need the help of parents. There are events that need to be planned throughout the season. One event is Senior night and another is Dig Pink. Dig Pink happens each October, the Dayton Volleyball Girls hold their Annual Dig Pink Rally to raise money for Side-Out Foundation. The Side-Out Foundation provides grants for breast cancer research and support for families fighting that unfortunate battle. The girls are always incredibly excited and we ask for support from the parents, as well as, the community to make Dig Pink successful. Any help from parents throughout the season to organize events is greatly appreciated.