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Head Coach:
Anthony Salerno

Assistant Coach:
Nick Iannacone


Schedules can be obtained by going to Schedule Star.



  • All student athletes must pass 30 credits in order to participate in athletics.

  • All student athletes should be aware that disciplinary infractions that occur in/out of school or on the playing field would impact their participation in athletics.
  • All student athletes are responsible for attending all meetings, practices, and games -unless a valid excuse is given.
  • All student athletes are responsible for all personal items in the locker rooms and on the bus from away games.
  • All student athletes can bring a lock from home if they want to secure their equipment in the locker room during the season.
  • All student athletes must ride the bus back to their respective school from practices/meets unless advance notice is given to the coaches by a parent/guardian.

Goals for the Season

  1. Emphasize solid fundamental training – efficient and effective practices
  2. Swim intensely and for a purpose
  3. Compete against teams who are where we want to be
  4. Develop a stronger knowledge of the sport


Coaching Philosophy
As a coach, I plan to coach swimming so that it focuses on teamwork, builds self-confidence, develops lifelong healthy habits, and strives for excellence.

Discipline Philosophy
I both trust and respect the athletes that chose to swim for me.  I know it is my role to demonstrate these qualities, so that the team will learn to trust and respect teach other to reach our goals.  I will not tolerate actions and attitudes that are counterproductive and destructive to our development.

Listed below are a few of those behaviors I consider to be intolerable.

  • Excessive negativity (towards the team or oneself)
  • Excessive sarcasm
  • Disrespect towards teammate and coaches
  • Dishonesty
  • Poor sportsmanship (towards teammates or other teams)
  • Superior attitude
  • Defeated attitude
  • Unwilling to adjust or change ineffective and inefficient techniques


Swimmer Responsibilities

As a part of a team, swimmers have responsibilities not only to themselves, but also their teammates.

  1. I value the academics; therefore I expect my swimmers to be successful student-athletes.
  2. Communication is a must both in and out of the water.
  3. Conduct: Swimmers are expected to display good sportsmanship in every setting (practice, home and away meets, bus, entering and leaving facilities, etc.) especially when wearing Dayton attire.


Attendance Policy

  • Practice is every day, unless a meet is scheduled.
  • All practices are held at the Tokash Aquatics Center in Warren, NJ. 
  • Bus transportation picks up swimmers from both David Brearly and Jonathan Dayton.
  • All student athletes are encouraged to bring water to practice.
  • Appropriate bathing suit is to be worn for practice (no T-shirts or shorts allowed in the water).
  • **Swimmers must come to practice prepared = Bathing Suit, Cap, Goggles, Towel, Athletic Clothing (T-shirt, Shorts, Socks, Sneakers)**
  • If you miss practice the day before a meet, you will not swim in the meet, the next day.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” –Aristotle.

Unacceptable behaviors include:

  • Leaving early
  • Tardiness
  • Sitting out any time during practice
  • Talking while the coach is instructing or a teammate is speaking
  • Uncooperative behavior in or out of the water


  • All home meets will be held at Tokash Aquatics Center in Warren, NJ.
  • You are expected to attend every meet, no exceptions.
  • If a swimmer fails to support the team during a meet they are required to sit, he or she will sit for the next two meets.
  • If a swimmer needs to visit the trainer, that is to be done prior to the start of the meet, this includes away meets.
  • Swimmers will not swim if they are not in full swimming attire.
  • No jewelry is allowed on pool deck.