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D A Y T O N   S O F T B A L L



The following information has been put together to assure that players and parents understand the policies and responsibilities that come along with being part of the Dayton Softball program.



If there is an issue you wish to discuss or if you have any questions please contact me via email at:


Head Coach                                                              Assistant Coach

Dave Rennie                                                        Caitlyn Gibson                     



The softball season begins the first Friday in March and concludes the first week in June. Please do not schedule any family vacations during this time. We play over spring break and may have to reschedule games throughout the season due to inclement weather. All players are expected to be at every practice and game throughout the season.

For the most up-to-date practice/game schedule please refer to: RSchoolToday

Please be advised the schedule may change throughout the season. You can sign-up for text updates once you create a login/password.



Players are expected to:

  • Be at every practice and game
  • Give 110% effort 100% of the time
  • Be in the game mentally
  • Be a teammate
  • Display sportsmanship and self control
  • Communicate
  • Show responsibility, accountability, and understand that there are consequences for their actions (good and bad)


Playing Time

Playing time will be determined based on a player’s skill level, attitude, effort, motivation, teamwork, focus and composure on the field. Playing time each game is not guaranteed and showing up for practice is not enough. If a player wants to participate in a game they have to earn their spot by working hard each day. Grade level does not matter when it comes to who plays on the Varsity/JV level. Players can move up or down based on their performance (this is a PERFORMANCE based program). Players must prove to the coaches that they deserve to be on the field every single day.


24 Hour Post Game Communication Rule

Whether we win or lose, emotions will always run high.  We are a very competitive performance-based program.  As a rule, we ask all communication from parents to coaches to wait 24 hours after the completion of a game.  It is in the best interest of the players and coaches that we use that time to address the needs of the players.  Playing time will not be discussed. 


Locker Room Policy

Due to recent hazing incidents, players must wait until Coach Rennie or I have arrived in order to enter the locker room before/after softball. Please understand that there is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any harassing, bullying, intimidation, or hazing. Additionally, please make sure all personal belongings are stored in a secure place, like a gym locker, to avoid unfortunate events. Softball bags can be stored/locked in the equipment closet in the locker room after each practice.



Parents are encouraged to demonstrate sportsmanship and positive support for all players, coaches, and game officials at all times. Please allow the coach to be the only coach and remember that the game is for the players, not the adults. The emotional and physical well being of all players takes precedence. Negative comments are just that: negative. Negative statements only hurt the team and make an uncomfortable environment for your daughter, the players, other spectators, and the coaching staff.  We are all human.



If your daughter feels there is confusion or an issue regarding softball, please have them come speak to the coaches directly. We are very happy that you want to be involved in your daughter’s life, however, it is important that they learn to advocate for themselves. They are in high school, and at this point in their lives they should be able to have a mature conversation with an adult regarding any confusion or issues they may have. These are skills that will help them become successful with their post secondary education, as well as the real world.  If after this conversation there is still confusion, or the issue continues, the following steps are to be taken:


  • Step 2: The player/parent is to contact the coach and schedule a meeting with player, coaches, and parents.
  • Step 3: A meeting is scheduled with the Athletic Director, coaches, player, and parents.


Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to Dayton athletics. We hope this is our best season yet!






Brianna Koref , Class of 2016: 111

Marinna Kwinta, Class of 2015: 115

Amanda Lau, Class of 2018: 100



Brianna Koref, Class of 2016