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Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution for high schools that helps align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, and improve student outcomes.

Here at Jonathan Dayton High School, we utilize the Naviance program starting in Freshman year and continue through to their final days as a senior.  All students are given a username and password that will follow them during their time here.  We highly encourage students and families to work together and explore all the benefits that Naviance has to offer in guiding and helping plan for the future.

Students will begin their exploration by creating an activities resume which will be used when they apply to colleges and universities their senior year.  Naviance enables students to simply input descriptive information about the activity into set fields and watch as it organizes and presents it in a professional resume format.  This will be continually updated throughout the students time here, ending with the final product their senior year.

Next, students will move on to the career and interest inventories.  Here, the students will take a series of assessments to explore their personality, strengths, and interests.  They can then apply these factors and correlate them with future careers that fit with their profile.  Here, the students can see what the usual tasks and assignments that they would be given in this career, as well as what types of skills lend themselves to the field. After research into the careers that interest them, students can then see what academic college majors can lead them to that career, what colleges and universities in the United States and Canada offer those majors, as well as the average yearly salary for that career organized by state.

During their senior year, students will begin applying to college.  As juniors and seniors, students begin the research process into higher education.  Through Naviance’s SuperMatch College Search, students and their families can search for schools, in the system’s database of over 4,600, which fit their particular needs.  There are 23 categories to sort by, including test scores, school size, and majors offered, to ensure that they get the best match possible.  Students can also compare themselves to other students from Jonathan Dayton that have applied to specific schools in the “Scattergrams” program based off of their Grade Point Average and test scores.

Schools will require their transcripts and letters of recommendation to be sent to their admissions offices along with the application filled out by the students.  Naviance allows the counseling department to send these documents electronically to the schools so they can be received and viewed immediately. 

If you have trouble logging in or have forgotten your login information, please contact your/your student’s counselor and we would be glad to help you. 


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