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Dayton Golf

Coaching Philosophy:

Doing well is coming up with focused practices with several planned objectives each day. I will make use of drills to help improve your golf swing.  We will have competitions (differentiated to ability) for which I am certain will challenge everyone.  I do not want to just give you a bucket of range balls and have you empty it as soon as possible.  Whenever possible, (mainly in March) we will stay at Dayton to hit around the campus off of quality golf mats, taking full swings where possible and using limited flight balls for driver and woods practice.  Focused practice is the key.  If you practice it and then take it to the course to implement, it could work.

At Galloping Hill we will have dedicated practice work on the putting greens, chipping area and the bunkers. We would also do competitions there in the forms of skills and drills as well. Later in the season, the top six to eight players would play practice rounds given conditions and or scenarios for each hole.  Again the thought is if you know that it exists or that it is a possibility, you could use it in competition.

I expect to have video taken of you swinging the golf club by your teammates.  This will be uploaded for you to view later.  It is to be used as a teaching tool. 


Keep the contact information below on your phone.  Give this info to a parent.

Campbell’s cell: 973-896-4704

Campbell’s email:


Video to you will come from this email:

*If I ever ask you to upload a swing video to Google chrome


Password:  campbell15




Practice:  It is expected that the golf team will meet for either a practice or match everyday, Monday - Friday.  Depending on different possible scenarios (weather cancellations, big upcoming match, specific skill practice) there may be an occasional Saturday practice.  If you are to miss, please text/email me so I am aware. 

If it raining we will try to find somewhere to practice something indoors.   I will email you and have an announcement made if practice/match were to be cancelled.


I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR SECONDHAND YOUR REASON FOR A MISSED PRACTICE.  Email me.  Only call me in an actual emergency.


Understand:  Just because you are a member of the Dayton Golf Team this does not mean you will automatically participate in matches or every possible practice round. 


In April and May there can be up to three matches a week.  I would anticipate a practice round/range visit at least once a week. At this time, practice rounds at Galloping Hill (short course) costs $6. Range use is paid for by the Dayton Athletic Department.  This money is a budgeted amount for the golf team. There are about 40 balls per bucket.


I do want novices to participate (especially freshmen/sophomores).  However, you must be able to play quickly and be able to referee your own play.  If you have never played, this will take some time and effort. I am willing to put the time into you, but then you must in turn be present at every practice.

At practice rounds (usually conducted at Galloping Hill) you must dress appropriately.  This would include a collared golf shirt (a mock turtle neck is acceptable) and golf shorts. (Absolutely no cargo shorts).


At Baltusrol (and country club courses), we must wear khaki golf pants and the (agreed upon color) Dayton Golf shirt.  If you will represent Dayton at Baltusrol there is a behavior agreement that you must sign.


Matches contested at County Golf Courses it will be acceptable to wear golf shorts along with the Dayton shirt.


In past years the courses we have played (9Holes)are:

Baltusrol Golf Club

Galloping Hill Learning Center

Suburban Golf Club

Echo Lake Golf Club

Canoe Brook Golf Club

Knickerbocker Country Club

Ashbrook Golf Club

Pinchbrook Golf Club

Rockleigh Golf Club


You must be where you are supposed to be on time and ready to go.  You must ride the bus to practice rounds/matches.  2:45 is usually departure time!  There can be no waiting for someone whom is late.


Do not have your cell phone out anywhere on the course (especially Baltusrol).  I don’t want to collect them to prevent you from using them so please fight the urge.


You are representing Jonathan Dayton.  You may be the only person that someone ever meets from our school.  Therefore it is your responsibility to represent the school well.  Poor behavior, immature behavior, cursing, taunting, name calling, club throwing, teasing, inappropriate use of facilities, and/or CHEATING will not be accepted and could be a cause for you to be dropped from the team.


*Golf is the most unfriendly spectator sport the NJSIAA offers-THERE ARE NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED ON THE COURSE.

*Alumni, family members, and outside golf team friends are not permitted to play with us at practice rounds.  This is per NJSIAA rules regarding security issues (fingerprinting, background checks, etc.)


Golf bags are to be stored in the health room.


There will be a parent meeting to be held once the match schedule has been set.

(2nd week in March)


Thank you and good golfing,

Coach Campbell