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Schedules can be obtained by going to RSchool Today.

Head Coach: 

Nick Iannacone

Assistant Coaches: 

Brian Martin

Bob Martin

David Steinman

Jason Mullman

Andrew Martin



We want “SMART” football players who “DO” the right thing “ALL” the time!!

  1. Before YOU can focus on the moment, YOU MUST know where YOU are going!
    1. Set Goals For Yourself- Short/Long Term
      • Academically
      • Athletically
    2. We are committed to growing mentally and physically
    3. Seek to get better every day- “THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS”
    4. You have a choice every day that you wake up- “THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS”
      • Make the right choice (Life, School, and Football)- “ACTIONS”
    5. Commit ourselves to reaching our full potential, in the classroom, on the field, and in life
  2. There will be an absence of “Special Privileges” – understand that the TEAM can only progress with TRUST and RESPECT.
    1. We must always compete with the idea that WE DESERVE TO WIN
      • We (You), must BELIEVE THE ABOVE
      • You must believe no one deserves to be on the same field as you
    2. We must respect the proud tradition of the past
    3. WE WILL PERSONIFY CLASS and HUMILITY on and off the field as a TEAM
      • P.U.P.- Poise Under Pressure
      • You represent your family, the high school, the coaches, and more importantly, - YOURSELF
      • Every action must be made with the team in mind- DON’T BE THE ONE WHO RUINS IT FOR EVERYONE
  3. We know we are going to get what our work deserves
    1. Today’s PREPARATION, determines tomorrows SUCCESS!
    2. Fun will prevail for all



Top Performers

2000 Yard Passing Club

John Apicella 2548 Yards (2014)

1000 Yard Passing Club

John Apicella      2548 Yards   (2014)

Joe Kastner        1178 Yards   (2015)

Completions In A Season

John Apicella      178          (2014)

Joe Kastner          83          (2015)

Receptions In A Season

TJ Kanarek             65        (2014)

Noah Goldberg   48       (2015)

Noah Goldberg  37        (2014)

Mike Iuliano       34       (2014)

Mike DePalma   20       (2014)

Antonio Salcfas 20       (2015)

Career Receptions

Noah Goldberg        85       (2014-2015)

TJ Kanarek             65       (2014)

Receiving Yards in a Season

TJ Kanarek             892     (2014)

Noah Goldberg        776     (2015)

Noah Goldberg        687     (2014)

Mike Iuliano            420     (2014)

Antonio Salcfas       385     (2015)

Career Receiving Yards

Noah Goldberg        1463   (2014-2015)

TJ Kanarek             892     (2014)