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Cross Country

Schedules can be obtained by going to RSchool Today.

Boys/Girls Cross Country

Boys Head Coach
Dave Campbell

Girls Head Coach
Sam Sommo



  • 100% team member improvement from the first race to last
  • Top ten team result in Union County
  • Boys Win the North 2 Group 1 Sectional/Girls Top 5
  • Boys Group 1 Championships (Top 3)/Girls top 16
  • Runner(s) place in top twenty Group1 championship at Holmdel

(boys- need to run sub 18:00)

(girls need to run sub 21:30)


Points of Emphasis for 2023

  1. Summer mileage
  2. Competitive Group of 7 runners under 20:00
  3. Teaching of Efficient Running Stride
  4. Circuits/Foot Drills/Hip Drills/Core

Training Plans for XC

Common Distance Runs in Springfield

Summer Mileage


  • A competitive Jonathan Dayton runner will complete between 20 miles-50 miles of training a week in July-August.(New Runners/Participants 6-16 miles)
  • Days/times will be established by the CAPTAINS/COACHES (the last week of school) team members will meet and continue to do so throughout the summer until the initial in-season practice.Team will run together though the distance may vary from runner to runner. AS OF NOW MEETING DATES WITH COACHES WILL BE TUESDAY/THURSDAY (6pm)/SATURDAY 10:00AM)
  • Each team member (competitive or participant) will make contact with coach to relay FUN (REGARDS TO RUNNING) had that week.(You will be given a certain day to report via text and invite to Google docs and/or friend me on your running app.)
  2. 973-376-1025 (press 9) then 4416
  3. Text message 973-896-4706
  • Coach will make it a point to be R.P.I.B. to hear of EACH runner’s progress on weekly basis.
  • Runners MUST MAKE ADEQUATE YEARLY PROGRESS.  This does not apply to first year runners.You must make your goal (15 second improvement upon previous year’s average mile (8 GOLD LETTER CANDIDATES 2017)



Rules for 2023 Program


  1. Be where you are supposed to be and be there on time.
    You are expected to attend every practice.
    You (not parent) are expected to tell the coach if you know you will not be able to attend practice. (Phone call/email/text)

    ****(If the practice of participating in extra-curricular clubs is to continue, runners must come to practice as soon as the meeting is over to work out with runners coming from Magnet Schools.)****
  2. You are a STUDENT-athlete
    You are expected to earn marks that will keep you eligible.
    You are expected to NOT get detentions for either lateness or goofballism.
  3. Be health conscious
    You should drink plenty of water before and after workouts.
    You should eat before (XC Snacks) and after workouts.
    You should buy good running shoes.  Go to a store where the help can actually answer/ask questions about for what you are training and help you to get appropriate sneakers.
  4. Be sensible
    You are only expected to do what you are capable.  This will be determined by the coaching staff and your level of physical fitness.  Wanting to do more than you are initially capable could jeopardize your health.  Set your goals (reasonably) and then consistently pursue them.​​

Rules that are broken will result in consequences being determined.  A runner may not be allowed to participate in an upcoming meet or even (in worse case scenario) be asked to leave the team.  The Athletic Director and/or Principal will be asked to participate in the meeting if such sanctions were to be given.

Practice Schedule

We will practice Monday through Saturday. The first official practice of the season will be Monday, August 14th.  We will meet in the back of the high school near the cafeteria doors.   The summer sessions will start at 9:00am and last approximately for an hour and a half.  During the school year we will start as close to 2:50 pm as possible.

***Parents have planned vacations. You are a pawn.  You will not be penalized for missing.  However, there is an expectation that you will run wherever you end up.


Common Distance Runs in Springfield

(Regular) Dike:  Starts on grass in back of Dayton.  Follows along the front of the school.  Sharp right and go down the path.  Come out by Dayton football field.  Make right to go over bridge.  Run back to the start.

Distance of Loop:  0.8miles


Pond Dike:  Same as above with the exception that once you come out at the football field you continue to run straight.  You run to the first base side of baseball diamond and then run a straight line until you reach bridge on Meisel Ave.  Run around the pond.  Return to Meisel Avenue and run along first base side of softball diamond.  Run toward the bathrooms near football field.  Run over bridge and back to the start.

Distance of Loop: 1.6 miles 


Briant Park Walking Path: 

The loop is 0.8miles.


2-mile Loop:  Start in front of the high school.  Run down Mountain Ave.  Turn right on Wabeno Avenue.  Turn right onto Meisel Ave.  (You will run past Football Field).  Run until you get to the traffic light.  Make a right onto Milltown Ave.  Run by FMG/St. James Church. Make aright onto Mountain Ave.  Run to the “rock” near Dr. Kaswiner’s office.

Distance of loop: (duh) 2.0 miles


Henshaw/Tooker Ave: Run down Henshaw Ave.  Run through the park and take on the very steep hill.  Top of Street turn right and run down Baltusrol Way.  Run until you get to top of Tooker Ave.  Make a right.  Rundown Tooker Ave until you hit Mountain Ave.  Once you get back to start that is the loop.

Distance of loop:  1.5 miles


Hillside Loop:  Start in front of the high school.  Run down to Morris Ave.  Make a right.  Run down to Meisel Ave (Next traffic light).  Run straight down Meisel forever (you will run past Sandmeier).  Turn right down Hillside Ave.  Run Hillside until you get to Mountain Ave.  Turn right (you will run past Walton School).  Run down Mountain Ave until you get back to “the Rock.”

Distance of Loop: 3.81 miles (Usually I make it an even 4 by running to entrance of High School /clock tower)


To the Top:  from the high school run west down Mountain Ave (toward Baltusrol).  Turn left and run up the left side of Shunpike Ave.  When you get to Mountview Road turn left and begin your climb.  Once you hit the top of the street that is part one of this run.

Distance of Loop: 2 miles there/2 miles back 4 miles in total


Loop at the top (confusing –probably on purpose to avoid the actual toughness of this loop) Make a right onto Tree Top Drive.  Go straight until you hit Skylark Road.  Make a left. Skylark will loop to the left and you will come to a point where two roads meet.  Run to the right. This is Highlands Ave (a killer hill).  You will run this until the end.  Run it until you get to Tree Top Drive. Make a left.   Run to the entrance (Mountview Road)

This loop is 0.8 mile.

Contact Information

Boys Head Coach
Dave Campbell

Girls Head Coach
Sam Sommo


It is a privilege to be a student athlete at Jonathan Dayton High School.  We expect our student-athletes to develop commitment, leadership, determination and friendships through practice and competition. Coaches in the JDHS cross country program are committed to helping the athletes achieve all that they can in their athletic pursuits. We focus on keeping runners healthy, getting stronger and developing skills to reach their potential.
Runners will follow a scientifically based training program based on The Running Formula by Jack Daniels.
All runners are trained according to their fitness and readiness level. It is expected that each runner will make progress and improve his race time and overall fitness by the end of the season.


Recent Accomplishments

3rd Place, North II Group I Championships, First time in the top 3 since 2005

5th Place, North II Group I Championships (Qualified for Group I Championships)

2012 & 2013
Nikki Athan – Honorable Mention, All Union County Conference

Fall 2011
Girls Team placed 5th at Group I Central Jersey Sectionals to qualify for the Group I Tournament in Holmdel.


Park Course Information

Click on the name of the course to download a map of the course:

Warinanco Park Course (site of Conference and County Meets)
Thompson Park Course (Site of Sectional Meet)
Holmdel Park Course (Site of Group Meet and Meet of Champions)


      Section Runs Historical Best Avg Miles (2006-2018)
Rank Name Class Year Section Location avg mile race time place
1 Ben Castor Senior 2011 Central Group 1 Thompson Park 5:35 17:20 4th
2 Adam Cohen Senior 2018 North 2 Group 1 Greystone 5:35 17:21 2nd
3 Fabian Mestanza Senior 2017 North 2 Group 1 Greystone 5:42 17:44 12th
4 Adam Cohen Junior 2017 North 2 Group 1 Greystone 5:42 17:46 13th
5 Ben Castor Junior 2010 Central Group 1 Thompson Park 5:47 17:56 13th
6 David Steinman Senior 2007 North 2 Group 1 Warinanco* 5:51 19:07 14th
7 Joey Pulice Senior 2007 North 2 Group 1 Warinanco* 5:52 19:09 17th
8 Daniel Galao-Birkmann Sophomore 2018 North 2 Group 1 Greystone 5:56 18:27 17th
9 Adam Cohen Sophomore 2016 North 2 Group 1 Greystone 5:58 18:33 19th
10 Kevin Kirk Junior 2009 Central Group 1 Thompson Park 5:59 18:33 21st
          *5230 meters      
1 *Norm Reinhardt Junior 1969 North 2 Group 1 Warinanco** 5:00 12:31 1st
    Senior 1970 North 2 Group 1 Warinanco** 5:01 12:33 1st
        *1969/1970 Group 2 Champion Warinanco** 2.5 miles      
      Historical Holmdel Runs OVERALL
Rank Name Class Year Meet Location avg mile race time place
1 Steven Wright Senior 1980 Group 2 Championship Holmdel 5:34 17:20 15th
2 Greg Marx Junior 1994 Group 2 Championship Holmdel 5:39 17:36 24th
3 Jim Roberts Senior 1984 Group 2 Championship Holmdel 5:40 17:38 31st
4 Sean McGrath Senior 1991 Group 2 Championship Holmdel 5:43 17:48 24th
5 Adam Cohen Senior 2018 Group 1 Championship Holmdel 5:46 17:56 28th
6 Dan Connolly Senior 1982 Group 2 Championship Holmdel 5:46 17:58 11th
7 Ben Castor Senior 2011 Group 1 Championship Holmdel 5:48 18:00 22nd
8 Ben Castor Senior 2011 Shore Invitational Holmdel 5:48 18:01 18th
9 Chris Woodall Junior 1983 Group 2 Championship Holmdel 5:48 18:02 36th
10 Ben Castor Junior 2010 Shore Invitational Holmdel 5:50 18:06 21st
1 Norm Reinhardt Senior 1970 Group 2 Championship Buccleuch Park, New Brunswick 5:08 12:50 1st
      Group 1 State Qualifers (Team)
  Year Place # of teams scores avg mile (1-5) avg mile (1-5) Location
  2018 4th 12 93 5:57 18:32 Greystone
  2016 4th 11 141 6:09 19:08 Greystone
  2015 4th 10 141 6:16 19:29 Greystone
  2017 5th 15 144 5:48 18:31 Greystone
  2009 5th 15 143 6:06 18:59 Thompson
  2007 5th 9 118 6:10 20:04 Warinanco
  2006 5th 11 141 6:12 20:11 Warinanco
  2013 5th 9 154 6:28 20:06 Thompson
      Group 1 Championship Team Performances @ Holmdel
  Year Place # of teams score avg. mile (1-5) avg. time (1-5)    
  2018 14th 20 334 6:10 19:10    
  2009 17th 20 419 6:21 19:45    
  2006 19th 20 443 6:38 20:38    
  2017 19th 20 453 6:18 19:36    
  2016 19th 20 488 6:22 19:47    
  2015 19th 20 529 6:27 20:05    
  2007 20th 20 537 6:40 20:43    
  2013 19th 19 539 6:26 20:00    
      Group 2 Championship Performance 1969-1991
  1969 1st   42 Buccleuch Park, New Brunswick 2.5 miles    
  1980 2nd 19 143 Holmdel 5k    
  1970 5th 18 174 Warinanco 2.5 miles    
  1978 10th 20 242 Holmdel 5k    
  1979 10th 20 280 Holmdel 5k    
  1982 11th 19 289 Holmdel 5k    
  1984 12th 19 287 Holmdel 5k    
  1991 13th*** 19 345 6:10 19:10    
  1983 16th 20 345 Holmdel 5k    
  1985 17th 20 403 Holmdel 5k    
  1971 18th 19 464 Pennsauken High School 2.5 miles    
      Meet of Champions Team Performance
  1980 13th 20 305 Holmdel 5k